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 Active Care Scalp Therapy

The Active Care experience begins with a hair and scalp analysis, followed by an exclusive in-salon treatment and a customized product recommendation.

Are bad hair days turning into bad hair, everyday?

What is your scalp trying to tell you?

There’s no such thing as bad hair, only a deprived scalp. Attaining gorgeous hair has so much to do with its roots, however both are essential to the lush appearance of your hair and the way it performs when styled.

Your scalp needs to be nourished in order for the hair follicles to be strong and keep producing new hair. However, after hair grows out of your scalp, damaging environmental elements and styling routines can undo all of the nourishment you put into your scalp and cause common hair issues such as:

Thinning Hair
Hair Loss
Oily Scalp
Product Build-Up
Irritated Scalp
Hair Breakage

A lifetime of good hair days

starts at the scalp

At Keith’s Haircenter We Offer:

We’re passionate about the science and beauty of hair care and we’re leading the way towards the future.

Partnering with PRO|GEN Labs, Keith’s Haircenter strives to be at the forefront of the hair care industry. We think it goes beyond beauty, starting at the root with a deep knowledge of scalp and hair care, creating a healthy foundation for beautiful hair to grow. Hair care specialists should have the tools to effectively assess the client’s hair and scalp condition and proactively offer the best recommendations. And their clients should enjoy good hair days for life.

To learn more about the revolutionary Active Care system, call Keith’s Haircenter at:

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