These Bad Habits May Be Making Your Thinning Hair Worse

hair restoration green bay appleton wisconsinWhile hair loss can often be caused by conditions that are outside of your control, what can make the problem even worse are bad habits. If your hair loss isn’t from any underlying condition, it could be from a common habit. If you go to see a hair loss specialist, they can work with you to determine the cause of your hair loss and provide clinically proven and appropriate hair loss treatment or hair restoration solutions. But if the cause of your hair problems is one of these bad habits, just changing that could help turn around your hair problems and help your hair remain healthy and looking good.

Eating an Unbalanced Diet
We are what we eat and getting the right minerals and vitamins is so important for healthy, thick hair. When you eat an unbalanced diet it can weaken the individual hair strands and that can result in them becoming more prone to breakage. If your diet is not balanced try eating more fruits and vegetables each day. They have essential nutrients that your hair will benefit from. Eating fruits and vegetables in different colors can maximize the impact on your hair.

Weight Loss
Have you started a new diet or are you rapidly losing weight? If so, your body may start to put less energy into your hair and more into vital processes. This is a normal response from your body but an easy way to improve your hair is by adding plenty of lean protein into your daily meals. Healthy proteins won’t hurt your diet and they leave you feeling more satisfied and your hair will keep growing.

With us being in mid-summer it may seem tempting to layout in the sun or to go to a tanning bed to get that summer glow. The UV rays that come from the sun or tanning bed can damage your skin and your hair. If you are going to be outside for any length of time wear a wide-brimmed hat or use a leave-in conditioner with built-in sunscreen. Using a sunscreen anytime you are in the sun is an easy step to keep your hair and your skin healthy.

Styling Methods
If you style your hair regularly, how you style it may be doing damage to your hair that can cause problems. For example, if you like to wear your hair in tight hairstyles like ponytails, this can damage the hair follicles. Try a looser style to give your hair some room to breathe and release the tension on your hair. Heat can also damage your hair. Give your hair a chance to air-dry if you have time. Warm, summer weather is the perfect time to let your hair air-dry and you get a beachy carefree look.

Styling products can also be a problem for your hair. Ask your stylist for products that are natural and organic like hairsprays that don’t have high alcohol content. The alcohol in some products can dry out your hair causing it to become brittle and contribute to hair loss (alopecia) in one form or another.

Improper Towel Drying
When you get out of the pool or shower it is easy to grab a towel and quickly rub your hair with it, maybe even twist it up into a turban. This, unfortunately, is a drying method that can damage your hair. What you should do is fold your towel around the section of hair and gently squeeze out the extra moisture. You will avoid tangling or breaking your hair if the strands are on the weaker side.

If you try these methods and find your hair is still having issues then you should talk to a hair specialist. Our staff is experts in helping people with their hair and they can work with you to identify the cause of your hair loss so you can get back to having a great head of hair quickly.

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