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In-Salon Treatment


Based on your customized analysis results, a soothing or stimulating gel will be applied to the scalp. Next, the scalp is thoroughly cleansed with a scrubbing tool and stimulating comb. A scalp massage and LED stimulation complete the in-salon routine.

Your Customized Treatment Program

Based on the needs identified during your personalized analysis, we will use either a stimulating or soothing treatment during your salon visit.

Scalp Exfoliation

Our scrubbing tool exfoliates and thoroughly cleans the scalp of product residue and dead skin cells using micro vibrations.

Follicle Stimulation

Hair follicles are stimulated using an electrostimulation comb that uses low-intensity current to provide better penetration of the recommended gel.

Scalp Massage

Based on your recommendations, a shampoo will be used during a scalp massage to enhance blood circulation within your scalp.  When your scalp is ‘tight’ from stress, circulation and hair growth are hindered.

Moisturize Hair and Scalp

A lotion from your customized product regimen will be applied to lubricate and condition your scalp, preventing flakes and irritation.

Scalp Stimulation

The electrostimulation comb, which is equipped with LED lights, is used to stimulate the scalp using pulses of light in different frequencies.

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