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Men’s Hair Loss Solutions

Providing an unparalleled cosmetic duplication of actual growing hair, transdermal hair restoration (THR)Ⓡ from Keith’s Haircenter continues to set the standard for naturalness, comfort and versatility.  As the first of its kind, THR established an entirely new, non-surgical treatment known as ‘virtual skin graft technology.’

THRⓇ is not one product, but a complete line of THRⓇ ‘Skin-Grafts,’ each individually designed with a particular type of client in mind.

The state-of-the-art at present is the THR graft system, the most revolutionary advancement yet in non-surgical hair replacement systems.  It is the first system that can be parted, and examined at ultra-close range without detection.  It is impossible to show this system effectively on the low resolution of a computer monitor, but we’d be glad to show you this amazing system during a complimentary consultation.

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