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Treatments For Hair Loss

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Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy can help you to achieve a reduction in hair loss, stimulate hair re-growth, provide shine and luster and a fuller looking head of hair in a short time.  When used in conjunction with topical treatments such as Bosley Professional Strength and HairMax for den*si*ty Laser treatments are proven to improve hair density and prevent further hair loss.  These advanced shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatments are designed with formulas specially targeted for thinning hair.  Laser Therapy can stop hair loss and improve your appearance and confidence.

This targeted laser treatment delivers nourishing light energy directly to your hair follicles to stimulate hair growth and regrow your hair.

•  FDA Cleared* for Men & Women

•  Clinically Tested

•  Stimulates Hair Growth

•  Increases Density & Fullness

•  Reverses The Thinning Process

•  Revitalizes Damaged Hair

The Hairmax Ultima 12 LaserComb.  iGrow Laser.  In Salon Laser

Digital Microscope Imaging & Mapping

All treatments at our salon begin with a private consultation for evaluation and determination of your treatment plan.  During your initial consultation, your certified laser technician will examine your hair and scalp using our advanced computerized digital imaging system, which can magnify images of your hair and scalp up to 200 times.  Our advanced imaging system will help determine if you are a good candidate for our program.

Digital Microscope Imaging & Mapping, Before & After Pictures From iGrow

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