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The Active Care Hair & Scalp Rejuvenation Experience – Green Bay & Appleton

Knowing the condition of your scalp is crucial to determine the best hair regimen for your hair and scalp. To have healthy hair it starts with a healthy scalp. This is the reason we offer an exclusive four-step hair and scalp therapy system. This system is designed to produce results that not only fight against hair loss but works to develop healthy hair and scalp.

Hair & Scalp Analysis - Green Bay, Appleton, WI

Hair and Scalp Analysis

Analyze Scalp, Hair and Cuticle

It all starts with a hair and scalp analysis. Each analysis offers high-resolution imaging and stores information to track scalp and hair progress over time.

The Analysis

The Active Care machine analyzes hair thickness, pore status, sebum levels and other factors that could be inhibiting your hair growth. After the analysis, a customized product program will be recommended for your in-salon treatment, as well as products for at-home use.

Analysis Results

Your analysis results will show you real time images of your hair and scalp. You will receive a rating based on how your hair and scalp needs compare to others in the same gender and age group.

Scalp Stimulation - Green Bay, Appleton, WI

In Salon Treatments

Scalp Exfoliation

Our scrubbing tool exfoliates and thoroughly cleans the scalp of product residue and dead skin cells using micro vibrations.

Follicle Stimulation

Hair follicles are stimulated using an electrostimulation comb that uses low-intensity current to provide better penetration of the recommended gel.

Scalp Massage

Based on your recommendations, a shampoo will be used during a scalp massage to enhance blood circulation within your scalp. When your scalp is ‘tight’ from stress, circulation and hair growth are hindered.

Moisturize Hair and Scalp

A lotion from your customized product regimen will be applied to lubricate and condition your scalp, preventing flakes and irritation.

Scalp Stimulation

The electrostimulation comb, which is equipped with LED lights, is used to stimulate the scalp using pulses of light in different frequencies.

Progen Activecare Thinning Hair Treatment - Green Bay - Appleton WI

ProGen Active Care Scalp Therapy Products

Bad hair isn’t really a thing, but a deprived scalp is. In order to have gorgeous hair you need to look the hair roots. They are vital in order to have lush appearing hair. Your scalp needs to be nourished as a way for the hair follicles to become strong and grow new hair. The hair that goes grow can become damaged by everyday environmental elements and styling routines. It can rob your scalp of nourishment that feeds your hair. This can cause issues, but we have products that are designed to replenish those nutrients.


This is an in-depth hair a scalp analysis that is done to determine the root of your hair problem, and as a result this will give us the information needed to personalize a treatment specifically for you.


Our in-studio hair and scalp treatments work wonders starting from your hair’s roots to tip. The treatment is designed to go after your hair and scalp issues that can cause you irritation, breakage, dandruff, clogged pores, hair loss and thinning hair.


With the results of your hair and scalp analysis, we can custom-tailor an at-home regimen with the right products for your hair and scalp to address your specific needs.


We recommend regular monthly in-studio treatment and evaluation so we can evaluate the progress your hair and scalp are making, and we can customize your hair and scalp needs to give you the healthy scalp and hair you desire.

Hair Care & Scalp Treatment System - Green Bay - Appleton Wisconsin


Benefits of Hair & Scalp Treatments

The world around us today has changed into an environment for hair loss. The increase of stress, poor diets, mineral deficiencies, pollution, and more have contributed to more people dealing with scalp and hair issues.

Protecting your hair goes beyond just applying a different product to your hair for a limited time. It takes understanding of the reasons that cause hair loss. At Keith’s Hair Center our scalp and hair treatments rejuvenate and stimulate your scalp and hair follicles so hair can grow healthier and stronger.


Appleton - Green Bay hair salon client reviews

“I went to Keith’s Hair Center to have a color correction done on my very over processed hair. The team was AMAZING they did a treatment on my hair that left my damaged, dry, brittle hair feeling and looking so shiny and healthy. I have very blonde highlights now that make me look like I am a movie star. I would highly recommend coming here to have any hair service done.”  – Kristen A. (Google)



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